Industries Served

Whether you own or lease your fleet, and whether it consists of a few dozen vehicles or a few thousand, the efficiency and success of it is determined by the tools you have to run it. JEB Fleet Management delivers custom-built fleet management programs tailored for fleets of any size and budget—providing you with complete control and unmatched flexibility.

Providing the most knowledgeable and responsive fleet management experts in the industry, and we’re here to help you build a program designed specifically for your fleet. Proudly outfitting fleets in the following industries:


2. Maids/House Cleaning

3. Florists

4. Plumbers

5. HV/AC

6. Home Repair

7. Home Remodeling

8. Lawn Services

9. Landscapers

10. Bakeries

11. Catering

12. Building Inspectors

13. Pest Control

14. Carpet Cleaning

15. Painters

16. Glass Cleaners

17. Dry Cleaning Delivery

18. Home Healthcare Providers

19. Roofing

20. Preschools/Daycares

21. YMCAs

22. Tour Guides

23. Special Needs Organizations

24.Hotels / Resorts

25. Oil & Gas Distribution

26. Pet Groomers


27. Funeral Homes

28. Home Inspectors

29. Interior Designers

30. Windows & Siding

31. Home Security Companies

32. Commercial Security

33. Storage Facilities

34. Entertainment/Party Rentals

35. Car Detailing

36. Emergency Medical

37. Hospitals

38. Colleges

39. Appliance Repair

40. Awnings

41. Flood / Fire Restoration

42. Electricians

43. Cabinets

44. Chimney Sweeps

45. Blind Cleaning

46. Window Washing

47. Solar panels

48. Home Theatre

49. Masons

50. Mold Removal

51. Nursing Homes

52. Pool Cleaning


Industries Served

We at JEB do all the work for you. Once we determine your specific needs we handle everything, relieving you of the burden of administering your fleet.

Vehicle Types

JEB Leasing & Fleet Management, leasing & financing offers a full range of leasing options to suit your needs and budget. We lease all makes and models of cars, light duty and medium duty trucks.


"EVERY LEASE IS DIFFERENT!" Therefore, JEB offers a full range of leasing solutions. Whether your needs are for automobiles, Cargo Vans or Pick-up Trucks for 24, 36 or 60 months, JEB will custom tailor your lease to your specific needs.