FLEET Management with Funding, Leasing and Financing Support

Why JEB Leasing & Fleet Management?  Here's Why


1. Our size is our strength and since we are an independent leasing company, we are not bound by the layers of bureaucracy that make our competitors inflexible, allowing us to provide a significantly higher level of speed, service, and flexibility.



- "We have leased numerous cars, trucks and a
variety of equipment from JEB Leasing & Fleet Management
since 1994. Their service, expertise and know-how make it a
painless and cost effective process.

I have looked at many other ways to acquire
trucks and equipment and JEB is my choice!"
Gene Laster
Chief Financial Officer
Chicago Contractors Supply, Inc.

- "JEB Leasing & Fleet Management is flexible and fast.
Our business is fast paced.
When I need a replacement
truck or I need to lease equipment,
I usually need it yesterday!
JEB knows my specs and delivers it fast.
I also like that JEB has strong
service after the sale.

Time is money and JEB is there
when I need them."

Greg Tiernan President
The Freije Company


2. We move quickly.

3. We provide the most flexible and creative leasing and financing available.

4. Because of our fleet buying ability, our vehicle pricing is often significantly less expensive than what you are used to paying.

5. You are not a customer number, we build relationships.

6. Leasing may provide a larger and faster tax write off.

7. Lease payments may not appear as a liability on the lessee's balance sheet thus providing "off-the-balance-sheet financing," resulting in improved Business Balance Sheets.

8. Leasing provides a new source of credit.

9. Leasing frees working capital for more productive uses since leasing provides up to 100% financing.

10. Leasing may cost less than other financing alternatives.

11. Leasing does not disturb present bank credit lines.

12. Leasing avoids restrictions often contained in loan agreements.

13. Leasing provides a hedge against inflation and obsolescence.

14. Leasing is more flexible in meeting the lessee's needs than conventional financing.

15. Leasing overcomes capital budget constraints.


When you buy a vehicle or piece of equipment outright, you must make an initial cash outlay of a sizable portion or the entire amount. With the JEB Flex Lease, you pay nothing up front.

With an operating lease, you simply have a monthly lease expense, nothing has to be capitalized. There is no increase in either personal or corporate indebtedness. This means that you do not need to shortchange other financial needs to obtain the vehicles or equipment you need, and you do not need to negotiate new or larger lines of credit or loans. Instead of consuming working capital and valuable credit lines, you conserve them hence it is easier to remain profitable, and your balance sheet does not have to carry any increase in liabilities / debt. Existing lines of credit are unaffected, preserving them for more important financial needs.


Industries Served

We at JEB do all the work for you. Once we determine your specific needs we handle everything, relieving you of the burden of administering your fleet.

Vehicle Types

JEB Leasing & Fleet Management, leasing & financing offers a full range of leasing options to suit your needs and budget. We lease all makes and models of cars, light duty and medium duty trucks.


"EVERY LEASE IS DIFFERENT!" Therefore, JEB offers a full range of leasing solutions. Whether your needs are for automobiles, Cargo Vans or Pick-up Trucks for 24, 36 or 60 months, JEB will custom tailor your lease to your specific needs.