FLEET Management with Funding, Leasing and Financing Support


All makes, all models!

JEB Leasing & Fleet Management is proud to provide assistance and cost savings to construction, light and industrial shipping, and delivery industries. Whether your situation calls for equipment trucks for the support team, or box trucks to haul freight, we will accommodate you with specialty and service vehicles, custom engineering, and up-fitting.

During an in-depth consultation, our experts will help you consider all the benefits of ownership, leasing, and rental, and help you make the right choice for your needs.

And Truck Rental Services are available for those of you shaping the future one contract at a time.

Send us a note and we will talk to you personally about our truck and light industrial fleet leasing and management programs.

Auto Fleets

All makes, all models!

If you need transportation, we will create a customized solution for you. If, for example, you require more control over cash flow and more off-balance sheet transactions, we’re happy to accommodate you. Our fleets are currently delivering nurses to home healthcare patients; engineers to renewable energy worksites; contractors to construction zones; and account executives to their customers and back. We lease small fleets of luxury sedans, mid-sized fleets of hybrid hatchbacks, large fleets of rental cars—and the list goes on.

Let’s discuss your transportation requirements and your budgetary specifications, and we’ll suggest the perfect fleet and service package for you. Give us a call to help your business keep moving in the right direction. Or fill out our services form and a representative will get back to you shortly.


Industries Served

We at JEB do all the work for you. Once we determine your specific needs we handle everything, relieving you of the burden of administering your fleet.

Vehicle Types

JEB Leasing & Fleet Management, leasing & financing offers a full range of leasing options to suit your needs and budget. We lease all makes and models of cars, light duty and medium duty trucks.


"EVERY LEASE IS DIFFERENT!" Therefore, JEB offers a full range of leasing solutions. Whether your needs are for automobiles, Cargo Vans or Pick-up Trucks for 24, 36 or 60 months, JEB will custom tailor your lease to your specific needs.